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My friend Jess joining a chat server as "tyrel" and picking on me with Shazow.

 * zyzelzouza is now known as tyrel.
 * transgingerjess joined. (Connected: 9)
tyrel: i have two names now
tyrel: and you have none
TyrelSouza: I am the captain now
shazow: shasow
tyrel: hellow it is i tyrel i own many watches
shazow: lol
shazow: TOO REAL
TyrelSouza: SO REAL
TyrelSouza: i feel personally attonked
tyrel: would you like to see pictures of my many watches?
tyrel: i will take them next to windows
shazow: what time is it if only somebody had a watch
transgingerjess: oh: "it's hard to hold your wrist this way and take a picture though"
** TyrelSouza still can't read analog watches
TyrelSouza: pink 2nd roll, woo!
shazow: they're not analog, they're manual
tyrel: excuse me, I have many AUTOMATIC watches
TyrelSouza: only the one i made is manual
shazow: lol
tyrel: which is NOT the same as a QUARTZ watch
TyrelSouza: the rest arequarts and automatiz
tyrel: QUARTZ is for POSEURS
TyrelSouza: jesus this is too real jess
shazow: lolol
shazow: actually rofling
shazow: but on my chair
shazow: too lazy to get on the floor