Takesir Alushtasanodel

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My Backstory

High elf, blue of skin, from Donneric. Small family, no one important. Spent his first 269 years as a mushroom forager, and local guide, never seeing any fighting. Guiding humans and local Dwarves from the Haverast region into the Vale Wood. But after the war of 1198 — in which he largely avoided, but heard some talk about occasionally — needs of the town changed, and he decided to try different things. Tried a few years as a tanner, a black smith, and a baker, but never was any good at them.

Realizing he was really good at keeping quiet while walking in the woods and noticing his surroundings, he decided to try a "robin hood" esque style of spying and burglary. After a few successful heists, and one unsuccessful one where one of his co-conspirators is in jail, he decided to branch out into the world and try to make money for his small family back home, of which he saves 5% of his spoils to give to them one day, or maybe not, it's his money after all

Father "Druid Tedrick" has passed away by being murdered by the Litch.

DM Notes

1. Your character is a native. Your father was a druid who came from the Vale to provide holistic remedies in Haverast, hence your acumen for herbalism and naturalism. For this you'll receive a +2 to nature and a +1 to survival.

2. Last you knew, your family was in good health. Your father, now in his senior years, resides as Haverast's premier druidic healer. Before you left to find your fortune in Vilancia, you made a few enemies and a few friends in the native crime syndicate. The crown is aware of your deeds and might be interfering so you steer clear of Donnerick for their safety.

3. Donnerick was formerly the Timbuktu of Faewing trade. Now a haven for refugees, anyone could be lurking its streets. You've heard news of a sickness that is slowly making its way across Haverast and to the Vale. You're don't know the symptoms, but the victims are said to run away in the night of their own volition. Rumors are that victims will become vacant and whisper abyssal in their sleep close to the time of disappearance.