30 days worldbuilding - 12

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May 12, 2020


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What If

  • What if the titans who reshaped the island on Ur Torka East came back and wanted to make more changes to another area.
  • What if the humans in Bamoor Dapnis actually got together a plan to usurp back from Renistrae.
  • The citizens in Njeritha are still pleased with their government, but what if they setup an invading force to make those in Nurd-Manji pay for burnign down their forest and turning it into a desert.
  • What if, after years of being a desert, explorers found ruins in the desert that used to be deep in the jungle, and this is the resting place of some dragons/giants/titans/the gods.
  • What if the gods were manifest.
  • The arctic area could be rumored to where the titans disappeared to, what if someone found a giant frozen head.
  • Trade has been suffering in UrTorka, and what it completely gets cut off, what would happen to UrTorkaEast, would it starve? Is there enough food?
  • A wizard has been playing around with some new magics, but fish are falling from the sky in another city near him, why is this happening?