30 days worldbuilding - 20

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May 20, 2020


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Plot Hooks

I want to focus on three plot hooks from day 12 here.

  • What if, after years of being a desert, explorers found ruins in the desert that used to be deep in the jungle, and this is the resting place of some dragons/giants/titans/the gods.
    • A group of archeologists have been scouring the DESERT for years, they finally found a few deep jungle temples, but without the jungle there anymore they are easier to find. They realize that the area is a bit too dangerous for unarmed archeologists (They're no Indiana Jones eh!) to travel in, so they go to Njeritha and are looking for some people to help protect them.
    • Plot checkpoints: The meeting, the escorting, the entrance to the temple, finding a secret door to a cavern, cavern has a giant tunnel system, inside tunnel is entrance to area where they run into some [big monsters/gods].
      • Big monsters could be under control of a cult of, not necessarily evil, people who worship the [giant creatures/gods]. Need to infiltrate/beat the cult in order to free the [giant creatures/gods] from the cult, and they will be in the favor of the [giant creatures/gods]
  • What if the humans in Bamoor Dapnis(BD) actually got together a plan to usurp back from Renistrae.
    • Daughters of Jyll - an underground organization in BD who maintain a direct maternal bloodline to Jyll - traced back 247 years - are recruiting some people to help infiltrate the the city of Elves and take back their control.
    • Plot checkpoints: one of you gets a summons from a friend in BD, ---- needs more ----
  • A wizard has been playing around with some new magics, but fish are falling from the sky in another city near him, why is this happening?
    • [HELP FISH FALLING, WHAT DO?] a sign says on the bulletin board. If chosen leads to a town clerk of a small village near the coast. There are lot of dead fish that have fallen from the sky. Some clues make them run around to a few dead ends, and then one lead to a wizards tower, wizard inside has been trying to steal water from the ocean, take the fish and salt out, dump them back into the ocean. But the wizard has miscalculated, unknowingly, and dumps the fish in this one town. If they help him finish his spell, he joins them on some quests, but not fighting, only for knowledge