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# Cromri - Human revival faction leader in Bamoor Dapnis
# Cromri - Human revival faction leader in Bamoor Dapnis
# Cochli -
# Cochli -
# Torz -  
# Torz - Wizard in tower

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Focus In


  • Western Continent
    • Bamoor Dapnis history
      • 432ya was founded, started as just a fortress on the island, but over the years it grew larger.
      • 422ya the castle was finished, and they started putting up some docks and houses on the eastern shore of the bay, there were some ruins there, some old towers, they were built around.
      • 370ya sprawl has started growing, the city land area reached what it is today, and they started to build a wall around it.
      • 347ya the wall, complete, was a success, it kept the eastern continent city out.
      • 300ya farmlands start being made. between the desert and the plains, and to the east of the city
      • 250ya the wall caused stagnation for about 100 years, the buildings remained single to double story, and not much sanitation.
      • 247ya some elves invaded from the eastern continent,from the sea, and took over the castle.
      • 230ya The elves cleaned up the city, started building better infrastructure.
      • 200ya There's now a big city district at the point at 12o'clock, tall buildings now.
      • 130ya some more elves came from the southern peninsula eastern island, and setup outside the town.
      • 100ya outside wall business is booming, the city decides to start taking bits of the wall down.
    • Ur Torka Area
      • The two tip cities, used to have a really good trade system. There used to be a land bridge between them, but a giant [storm/magical event] made the land bridge wash away. So the Western city is a little poorer - because people tend to stay on the mainland once they realize there isn't much left for them on the island. There's some big mountains on the island, and not much farm land.
  • Eastern Continent ~~ still fleshing out
    • 130 years ago, the west desert used to be a big forest, with lots of magical beings, dragons, etc. until the northern city, due to political corruption, let the entire thing burn down from the "ocean ditch" to the mountains. A lot of the native people either died, or were pushed into the south eastern peninsula over the mountains and formed a newer city.
      • The citizens in North and South(east) West island peninsula cities are very tense with each other, still a hundred or so years later, the south is pissed at the north for ruining what they had. There remains only ruins.
    • The southeastern big city, has been in fights with the little cities on the southwestern peninsula recently, within the past 30 years, as they are getting a lot bigger and need more farmland so they've tried annexing the farmlands on the SWP. Some big skirmishes have broken out, on the mainland, and on some of the inner bay islands,

but not a full war.


  • Churches:
    • There are a few gods, this deserves more discussion later, but suffice to say that there is visual evidence of Godlike entities, so there are far more religious people than [earth], but the religion is more Japanese and "spirits" vs "omg omnipotent Yahweh".
  • Governments:
    • The governments of:
      • Bamoor Dapnis ruled by some elves, they are not a bad government, they seem to care A LOT about the will of the people, and their needs. They did invade, so there are some factions that are still pissed at them, but it was more of a peaceful overthrow of the government that was complacent and didn't care about their people.
      • Point Cities share one government. The richer area on the western side is where the government takes care of its citizens, where the eastern side is a bit more seedy politicians, they may be staging an uprising and try to take over the western side.
      • Northern Peninsula City is corrupt A F, they don't give a fuck about setting fire to a giant magical forest.
      • The southern peninsula is more of a "We are FOR THE PEOPLE", kind of hippie like, because they were driven from their homeland, they still are kind of free spirits and down to earth, but they know how to rule a government, and do right by their people.
  • Kingdoms
    • There are two "kingdoms" the Bamoor Dapnis kingdom, ruled by the good elves, and the northern peninsula kingdom, corrupt and a long line of fratricidal kings.


  • Five place names
  1. Nurd-manji - the northern eastern peninsula
  2. Bamoor Dapnis - bay city
  3. Njeritha - the southern eastern peninsula
  4. Ur Torka - East/West point cities
  5. Valli - eastern island jungle/plains regions
  • Five character names
  1. Renistrae - Elf lord of Bamoor Dapnis
  2. Jyll - Last human queen in Bamoor Dapnis
  3. Cromri - Human revival faction leader in Bamoor Dapnis
  4. Cochli -
  5. Torz - Wizard in tower